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5 Top Tips for Presenting a Property for Sale

When looking to sell any property, it’s important to think about the appearance of it. If your property has been on the market for some time now, it’s worth considering our 5 top tips for presenting your property for sale, to give you a higher chance of achieving the sale. Let’s begin!

1. Store Excess and Outdated Furniture

Old our outdated furniture should be put into storage to help make your property as attractive as possible. Books and toys should be tucked out of site or at a different property altogether. There’s every chance that potential viewers will want to check out wardrobe space, garages, lofts etc. so it might be worthwhile removing them from the property completely. This will help viewers to see how much room there is and envisage how things could look with their own possessions inside.

2. Pay Attention to the Little Details

Small chips, cracks and dripping taps may go unnoticed if you have been in your property for some time, but these things will stand out like a sore thumb to potential buyers. There aren’t many buyers out there that will purchase a property knowing that there are loads of things that need fixing. Most people will opt for a property that already looks good.

Pay attention to the little details. Repair any plaster cracks, broken tiles, or paving slabs outside. Mouldy grout of sealant in bathrooms should also be considered, as these things can be extremely off-putting to someone that might’ve been looking to buy.

5 Top Tips for Presenting a Property for Sale

3. Neutralise the Décor

If you have put your own spin on the property, you might want to consider neutralising things with softer colours. Get rid of bold colours and patterned carpets, remove family photos and ornaments, and consider using bright or bold colours sparingly throughout. This will give potential buyers a chance to think about how they could decorate the property with their own ideas.

4. Clean Properly

Make sure you clean both inside and out, including all surfaces, floors, windows, ledges and ceilings (where cobwebs may reside). The front garden is the first thing viewers will see, so make a point to tidy this up. You might want to get a gardener to sort this out for you, especially if this is something you have neglected for some time. A proper clean should be ensured to make sure everything is spic and span ready for viewing.

5. Set the Scene

You might want to consider neutralising your bedding with softer colours too. Set the table for dinner, so that the dining area doesn’t look bare. Consider using lamps so that the lighting isn’t so harsh. You can also add flowers or fresh towels to the equation to finish off the look.

Selling your Property

It’s not an easy task to sell a property. Buyers won’t usually invest unless they fall in love with the property. Think back to when you first purchased the property and remember what made you fall in love with it. If you can work towards re-creating the feel of the property from when you first bought it, you’ll have a much better chance of success.

The images you use online will usually be the first time anyone sees your property, so you need to consider what others will see when they view your property, either online or during a viewing. You might want to get professional photos taken to make sure your property stands out above the rest.

Dowen Estate Agents say that; “When you provide details of a property, you should supply as much information as possible to attract buyers. Think about the best-selling points of your property before you post any listing online”.